Mike Jacquart has 30 years’ experience in writing, reporting, editing, and publishing. He is the editor of the Employee Assistance Report monthly newsletter and the editor of the Journal of Employee Assistance magazine for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

While Mike is passionate about writing for the employee assistance and related workforce and behavioral health fields, he has also written about education, politics, collectible toys, child care, adult care, and foster care – even grant proposals.

Mike is also the editor of the elevating EAP awareness blog, and a frequent LinkedIn contributor.

“It is without reservation I recommend Mr. Mike Jacquart and his editing skills. My experience with Mike was professional, timely, engaging and rewarding. His editing made my writing even better, and I appreciated that very much. I look forward to working with Mike in the future.”

– Julia Bain, PhD, University of New Mexico

“Mike Jacquart is one of the most creative professionals that I have had the privilege to work with over the last decade. He is constantly on the prowl for new & relevant topics for his various publications where he serves as the editor. And I really love how he weaves together solid content on relevant topics while also adding the personal touch in how he relates to each topic.”

– Patricia Herlihy, PhD, RN, CEO & Founder at Rocky Mountain Research

“Mike is a wonderful writer and editor. He has deep knowledge about the EAP profession and researches his topics well. I have always been impressed by what he writes and by his consistency in meeting deadlines.”

– Maria Lund, President/COO at First Sun EAP

“Mike Jacquart has edited several articles I have published over the years. I can always count on Mike to make my articles better! I also engaged Mike to help out with content on a professional report. He did a great job and ‘on-time’. But most important Mike is an all-around good guy – you can count on his skill and work ethic.”

– David Sharar, Director of Commercial Science, Chestnut Global Partners

“Mike and I have collaborated around EAP articles and projects for years. I have enjoyed working with him. He is a non-clinical person and I have appreciated his efforts and ability to learn the nuances of employee assistance. He has a very respectful and professional way of working with others. He has great skill in editing, and great ideas for our industry. Mike is open minded, a big thinker, and a great resource. It’s great to have his skill set in the EAP field.”

– RaeAnn Thomas

“I have been a long-time reader of EAR and always found the articles to be interesting and always seem to have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the EA field. As Pat [Herlihy] and I work to balance the old with the new in the [EA Digital] Archive, we just knew we needed to include the EAR newsletters.”

– Jodi Frey, University of Maryland School of Social Work.

“I hired Mike as the anchorman on the most important project of my professional life up to his point: final editor on my first book ‘The Case of the Clean tech Con Artist,’ which I’ve been working on for four years. Complex, lots of moving parts, shifting timeline, all on my end. Mike was not only flexible and outgoing – unusual but welcome in the editing world, because so am I – but he went above and beyond. He didn’t just copy edit; he helped sculpt the final narrative, making it better than before. On his suggestion, we did it a few chapters at a time, saving time AND increasing the quality of the finished manuscript as I had the time and opportunity to work directly with his feedback, chapter by chapter. He finished ahead of time and under-budget. I’m really glad I hired him, and hope he’ll be available for future projects.”

– Jim Rossi, Writer, LinkedIn Top Voice, Historian